What Are ChatBots?

Is Your World Changing Around You!

Our world is changing so fast since the start of 2020. Most of us are in Lockdown right now due to the Pandemic. And what the world was before 2020 started will never look again the same way. Businesses will need to adapt and change the way they did business before. And if we don’t change then we run the risk of losing all we have risked our lives for, possibly lose our livelihoods too.

Will Real Estate Agents Start To Do Business Differently?

Lets look at real estate agents for examples. In the past open houses were easy to bring clients to view a home listed for sale. Agents could quite easily tour their potential clients around a house open to the public and numbers were never an issue at open houses. However today with social distancing this has become a big problem. Agents will need to switch to visual presentation using apps or doing ZOOM video calls showcasing their properties to potential buyers and sellers. This is one area business will never be the same again.

But are your clients skipping asking you for help …

But that issue only arises when you have a client at hand asking for help. What if they decide you are too slow in what you do – replying to messages.

My question to real estate agents is “what do you have in place right now that can capture every visitor to your website or Facebook page and made they a lead?” Are you silently building a list or a database of potential buyers and sellers? Are you doing list building manually or have you thought about using ChatBots to assist you to grow your customer lists. Check This Out Here

Today I shall talk about ChatBots in Messenger and how they can benefit Real Estate Agency. Especially how important it is to accept this new technology on how to converse with clients. In the next few days I shall share why real estate agencies must adapt to Chatbots as one of the many changes seen in this New World that is beginning to emerge from the start of COVID19.

Advent of ChatBots!

In the last 4 years we have come to see ChatBots becoming more and more common on business websites and Facebook business pages. Today it is almost compulsory for a business to interact with visitors immediately. There is an expectancy from website visitors that someone should respond to their inquiry immediately or as soon as possible.If not the visitor just skips to the next website that will offer better responses, faster responses to their inquiries. This is a lost lead. A lost opportunity to help someone.

Have you experienced this before?

Have you visited a real estate Facebook page site recently and received one of those generic messages that lead you no-where? I see this message so often …

  • Most often there is no message. Other times I see messages as below
  • Can I speak to an agent?
  • What areas do you serve?
  • Can I schedule a viewing?
  • Are there any properties available?

If you were to click on any one of them you don’t get an answer back immediately. How frustrating is that?

What if you could have a BOT that truly helps people almost human like. Take a look at this BOT I got my hands on. Its a great example of a real estate Messenger ChatBot – click Here!

Have you or your partner, as a potential real estate property buyer, followed up an Ad on a property only to have a Chatbot answer you that someone will contact you soon? Just like those questions above? And then you get an answer back hours later when you no longer interested as you now found another agent who answered your call immediately. Has this ever occurred to you? It sure has happened to me many times when I leave a message on Real Estate agent’s website or their Fan Pages in Facebook. I have had agents message me back two days later. Just imagine that. How can we run our business profitably when we don’t help people in time.

Now there are two sides to this real estate problem I am describing above.

PS: I believe where there are problems occurring there are also great opportunities to make money. Follow along and I shall share my opinion here.

The Challenge Potential Buyers Or Sellers Have?

Lets look at what a potential buyer or seller wants when they are on your site. What frustrates them most?

I agree with you that your site has information on opening hours and listings. However what if we could have the visitor get all this information right on their phones immediately without having to search for it. All with a press of a button. One click away from information.

What if we could provide useful information about

  • local council rulings,
  • financial advice on how to structure loans,
  • how to get pest control done before a property is bought or sold?

Just imagine if a visitor could get all this information from you immediately. How would this person feel? Would they skip to another agent or would the trust between you and them start to grow stronger based on how helpful you have shown yourself to be.

When a visitor arrives on your site all they want to know is if someone is going to look after their inquiry immediately. If we can start a conversation between the visitor and you, the agent, then we have began the journey of relationship building. What if we have a ChatBot programmed to guide the visitor to give you questions they may have so that you, through the ChatBot, will provide the answers immediately, not in 24 hours. Wouldn’t this be nice.

What are the possibilities that you will have a potential client? Highly likely I feel. All because you have been able to help someone gets their questions answered on time.

So this challenge we may have of not being available because we are busy either attending to a client, driving our car to the next appointment or have some time off with our family is now being taken care of by our virtual assistant, the ChatBot.

Challenges Agents Have!

So lets look at what frustrations the agent has when they running their real estate agency!

Real estate agents find it hard to juggle their time answering the phone, answering messages and emails. Quite often these inquiries are repetitive. It takes valuable time away from looking at more serious work. Lets take a look at some of these commonly asked questions agents get:

  • Where are you located
  • What time will you be in the office
  • May I know what properties are listed for rent or sale in the area
  • Can I make a booking to see you
  • May I have property listing emailed to me
  • Are there any open houses this weekend
  • Are there any house auctions this month
  • Do you have any properties that are good for first home buyers
  • And the list goes on and on…

Imagine if you were to get just 4 inquiries everyday and you spend at least 15 minutes per inquiry? That is a lot of time wasted answering questions that a ChatBot can easy answer for you.

What Does A ChatBot Save For The Agent?

What is important is you can not only save time but you can save money. Money you would need to pay a staff member to do these repetitive task for you. Imagine if you can have someone do this 24/7 for free. This someone is your Messenger ChatBot.

So What Are The Headaches The Bot Will Save You From?

Lets list down below some of the problems the ChatBot may solve for you..

  • It answers inquiries immediately
  • It makes customers feel they are being taken care of while you are away from your phone
  • It saves you money in staff wages or your time if you are doing it all by yourself now
  • It can provide documents such as auction listings, up coming open houses, properties on the market, properties sold recently, etc to the visitor on request immediately either through a download or through emails
  • It can help you build two customer lists – in Messenger as well as an email list in MailChimp or Aweber
  • It can help set up appointments for you in Google Calendar
  • It can tag visitors whether they are buyers, sellers or just looking. It can tag these visitors further if they maybe first time buyer, buying to renovate, upgrading or down sizing, etc.
  • It can follow up each week or month with potential buyers and sellers on time.

Looking at what a Messenger ChatBot can do I feel the benefits are huge as compared to how much you can do in a day. If you are an agent who wants to be ahead of the game and not compete with other agents but dominate the competition I suggest you take a look at how BOTS can help your business dominate the market.

Examples of Real Estate Bots!

Here is an example of a Bot that may help convince you how powerful ChatBots can be for you – Click Here!

I personally use ManyChat and MSG Hero for my ChatBots. MSG Hero offers a 7 day free trial. If you want to take a look at it then the link is – Click Here!

Disclosure: Bear in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. Keep in mind that I link these companies and their products because of their quality and not because of the commission I receive from your purchases. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you.