Why Should You Look At MSG Hero Messenger BOT?

How to use facebook messenger botToday I am reviewing the MSG HERO BOT that I have used and will break down the review process under these headings below…

  • Who is the CEO of MSG Hero
  • How does MSG help with messaging clients
  • Pros of MSG
  • What is the Con of buying this BOT
  • Testimonials

MSH Hero is run by Brad Stephens a well known internet marketer and businessman. I have used a few of Brad’s products in the past and in 2017 started using MSG Hero and have not been disappointed in the least. MSGHERO has helped me with day to day answering of simple time consuming questions. I now can devote time to helping clients fix complex issues.

You may read more about the product here… Click Here!

Now …

I got interested in bots in late 2016 when they first started to come out on the scene. I liked the idea of automation especially when frequently asked questions could be dealt with by someone else and saves me time in answering. Especially when that someone else isn’t a paid employee but a BOT that can work for me 24/7.

Some of the questions I found time consuming were ..

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    How much is XYZ product

  • Where can I buy XYZ
  • What are the ingredients of XYZ products
  • Can I get a discount on XYZ product
  • And so on.

You get the jest of it. Just imagine having to answer 10 or 30 clients a day with the same sort of question. It takes time. Business owners do not have time to waste for simple issues that can easily be outsourced.

This is where a bot such MSG Hero plays a big part in business. MSG Hero steps in and answers each and every question that a client may have. And in case a client isn’t totally satisfied he can send a request for a human to answer his or her query. Isn’t that great.

I like to know more about CHat BOTs for websites

Benefit #1 Of A Chat BOT!

What is wonderful is that a BOT can also be placed on your website so when someone were to land on your page and wants assistance the BOT then can engage with that person too. What is interesting is that when someone engages with the bot they are added to your Messenger in Facebook. Now you can quite easily start to connect with these people through Facebook Messenger Ads and have a conversation with these people directly in Messenger.

Benefit #2 Of A Chat Bot!

Another interesting feature is these people can be added to your email list in Aweber or Mailchimp too. This way you are building a list in Messenger as well as an email list. If Facebook were to ever disappear your business will never die as you still have your email list of valued clients. I am not saying Facebook will disappear however its great to have a backup system in place to protect your business interest.

Benefit #3 Of Having A Messenger BOT!

You can go one step further by connect your calendar to your bot too. Every time someone converses with you and wants to book an appointment you can add them to your iCalendar too.

Benefit #4 of Using A MSG BOT!

Another cool feature I like in MSG HERO is that you can tag your visitors depending on the actions they take during the conversation they have with your BOT. You can then at a later date target these clients in a different way but selecting the tag they were added with.

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An example is you could only send a message to people who were tagged with interested in buying a “new homes”. Where “new homes’ is the tag they were tagged with. This way real estate agents can segregate their prospects in to different categories  (new homes, first home buyers, investors, looking to buy in 6 months, etc) and then send different marketing messages to each group.

Can you see how powerful a tool such as MSGHERO can be in the hands of real estate agents, business brokers, dentists, chiropractors, cafes and restaurant owners, e-commerce sites, etc. The list goes on and on.

Check Out The Other Benefits Of MSG Hero Here!


So what is the downside of getting a BOT like MSGHERO?

Well there is only one downside. TIME!

Its time consuming to program the conversations that a potential visitor may have with you into a BOT. The ‘what ifs‘ are so many and does take time. Even if you get it right the first time there maybe times when you have to go into the BOT and make changes. There may be times when you may have to change a listing or product that isn’t on the market anymore. Or you may need to create a second campaign to help you with another product you selling. All this takes time.

The question I have for you is can you benefit from a BOT like this called MSGHERO?

For sure yes you can. However do you have the time outside your expertise to devote to learning how to run MSG HERO? Maybe not! So time is the only con I would say that may stop you taking full advantage of using this special BOT Called MSG HERO.

Lets See What Some Other People Have To Say …

Testimonial #1 of MSG HERO

So tried it out with a restaurant and did a free appetizer campaign…it’s been a little over a day and the restaurant has gotten over 200 people to get a free appetizer code… MSGHero if you’re interested in trying it out, is definitely worth it.

Lee Bradshaw Owner at One27Media

Testimonial #2 of MSG HERO

This is a fresh and proactive marketing tool that helps our brand stand out. When we integrated a MSGHero response with a paid post recently, we sold over £1000 of services in the first week. It’s an amazing result. But it’s our secret so shhhh!

Natalie Karr Director at Woya Digital

By The Way …

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I have good news for you. In case you do want to try MSG HERO and get stuck in setting up the BOT and want assistance I can help. I run an SEO business too and we help clients who are time poor. So why not first test drive MSGHero for free through my link here and then we can decide if this is for you or not.

Thank you for reading through my short review on MSG HERO bot for Messenger.

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