In this lesson we will look at how to create our first message in MSG Hero or ManyChat chat bots.

The Welcome Message!

This message is very important. Why!
When someone first clicks your link in Facebook either in an AD or through messenger and wants to connect with you they will be sent this message. Once you create your first message in the software it will override the one that Facebook gives you for Messenger. Read this review here!

In the message we can add personalization such as addressing the visitor by name. We can add Emoji to create feelings. We can add text boxes, images, voice files, video and call to action buttons. We can also add small time delays to each of these elements I mentioned above to make the Bot appear more human like.

Adding Text Boxes

Here we can add Text boxes which will be the questions or answers we want to use to interact with our visitors when they visit or websites or Facebook Fan Pages. We can delay each answer with what we call Delay function.

Adding Delays

This is a time delay function that separates messages out so it can come across as if a human is typing.

Images & Carousel

These are used to add images or .gifs to your messages to make your messages more interactive.

I shall go over each of these features more in detail in subsequent posts on ChatBots.

You can click here to get an idea of what a chatbot should look like.

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