ClickBank Affiliate Marketing!

Lets learn in this ClickBank tutorial. Like you I used to be a beginner in internet marketing. Everything was soon new to me back in 2006. Over the years I have since gotten better learning new skills in the ever changing world of online sales. I am no big expert now and like you am still learning from others.

In this blog post, I will be giving you a tutorial on how to make money through affiliate marketing with ClickBank products. ClickBank is the world’s biggest market place for online products. Most big affiliate internet marketers began as affiliates at selling other people products. Many find their own products to create and become merchants themselves.

In affiliate marketing you need to sign up to be an affiliate for merchants who have products to sell. These products maybe either digital products such as video software, games, Forex trading software or website hosting or WordPress themes. On the other hand you have tangible products such as books, furniture, coffee machines or flowers. Some of these product vendors you may have to sign up under are on Commission Junction. Because ClickBank only does digital sales from what I know.

ClickBank Affiliate MarketingRead My Review on AffiloBluePrint Couse! In the digital world you don’t have to physically hold products to sell. All you need is to have a sales page where you send people to and when they click through to the vendor’s sales page and purchase the products you get paid a commission from the sale of that product. This is what affiliate marketing is all about. This is called affiliate commission. So from what you see making money from Affiliate marketing can be quite simple. However its is not easy. Keep reading my post and I shall explain why. or

Read My Review on AffiloBluePrint Couse!

ClickBank Tutroial!

The First Step Is Creating A Blog To Help Promote Products!

This is one of the first hurdles you as a beginner marketer will face. Today its is quite simple to register a domain and upload a WordPress blog to that. Then the trouble starts. What WordPress theme should I upload to my site. Other questions I used to ask myself are: What plugins are necessary from day one to have on my website, How do I do on page SEO on my site, How do I optimize my images on pages, etc. The list is endless.

The next hurdle is writing content to optimize my pages with. What keyword density do I focus on. How many keywords do I place per page on my site. Getting good content written is time consuming. Can I get good articles online cheap or even free that will help me speed up my process of content creation.

Read My Review on AffiloBluePrint Couse!

  • Fill your blog with articles that are useful and related to your product of choice. E.g., if you wanted to sell a self-help product, you would create a self-help blog.
  • EXAMPLE: Enlightenment Gateway, created by millionaire affiliate Mark Ling. It earns thousands of dollars each year and was created using AffiloBlueprint and AffiloTheme.

One of the best way to drive traffic to your blog is to write a review on a Clickbank product and place it on your blog. Make sure your review is genuine and is helpful for the reader to gain insights as to why they should consider buying the product you are reviewing. Some key questions to consider when writing are:

  • What problems do your readers face right now
  • How does this particular product help solve those problems of the reader now
  • Are there any fears associated with the buying of the product from you that you can help the reader to overcome.
  • Finally why should they buy from you and not someone else.

Try to funnel your readers to your review you have written on the product. Write a number of how-to-do posts on the product and have internal linking to the review page. You can go a step further where you can pin a snippet of the review to the top post on your blog homepage.

Get Free Traffic by Ranking in Google with SEO

ClickBank TutorialRead My Review on AffiloBluePrint Couse!

After you’ve created your website, you need to get visitors to it. SEO (Google) is a free source of traffic. You can start with Google Keyword Planner to find a list of keywords that get at least 100 searches a month. These are low traffic Keywords with low traffic. Collectively these KWs will bring in a lot of traffic over time.

How do you do this? You start by writing articles with these keywords. Use hyperlinks in the articles to affiliate reviews you wrote. Soon these articles will start to be seen by Google’s algorithms and your posts will start getting traffic.

Consider getting external sites to backlink to your website with a hyperlink. Suggest a Keyword they should use for this purpose. Google loves when other sites in your niche links back to you. A god place to get back links is from EzineArticles.com . You can read about these strategies in more depth in the AffiloBlueprint course.

Sell ClickBank Products with Paid Traffic


  • Google will display its favorite results for free (organic listings). But you can bypass this and be displayed at the top of the results if you pay (Google AdWords).
  • Use the Google Keyword Planner to find keywords relevant to your chosen ClickBank product.
  • Create ads and buy ad space for those keywords in Google AdWords. Redirect this traffic to your product review on your blog.
  • Create ads and buy ad space for those keywords in Google AdWords. Redirect this traffic to your product review on your blog.
  • You cannot directly link users to the sales page with your affiliate link, so directing them to the review page on your website is a good idea for a landing page.


In summary I suggest you look at starting an online business selling digital products through the ClickBank marketplace. Look at finding a mentor to help you get started in Affiliate marketing. It certainly will help your journey in this space on the internet.

I recommend people to read my review of AffiloBlueprint. Here I showcase why its helpful to have a course of high standard to hold your hand when starting out. You can review this post of mine by clicking here –

Read My Review on AffiloBluePrint Couse!.

Good Luck!




Disclosure: Bear in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. Keep in mind that I link these companies and their products because of their quality and not because of the commission I receive from your purchases. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you.