What Are Messenger Bots?

Bots are autonomous messages that are sent by machines to humans when they ask questions. These bots Artificial Intelligence technology to predetermine what people are thinking. Messenger Bots in Facebook Messenger are pre programmed messages that human place into software that can trigger quick answers to queries that people have. Most business do have commonly asked questions around timing, price, location, etc. These questions can easily be answered by a BOT. Bots are ideal as they don’t require salaries and can work round the clock for the business.

What Can Messenger Bots Do?

Messenger Bots can help prospects and clients get answers quickly. Clients looking for generic answers now can get looked after by a BOT. Some of these tasks are:

  • People looking for opening hours of a business
  • People looking for product information
  • Clients wanting to setup an appointment with their real estate agent, chiropractor, dentist, fitness trainer or make a booking at a local restaurant
  • Real estate business can use the Bot to send recently listed properties immediately when people login
  • Bots can help clients to buy products right in Messenger
  • Bots can grab email and phone numbers of clients and forward to a business so they can follow up later
  • The extent that a Bot can work are huge

How Can Messenger Bots Help Businesses?

Where I come from is seeing BOTS as a big part of sales funnels. You place a post on Facebook. Get a number of people to view the post. Then in pennies in the dollar Boost that post to the friends of the people who liked your post. This then increases the audience on a budget.

Once you done that, run FB Messenger Ads to that audience. When the people in Messenger see the Ad and when they click through they get added to your messenger list as well as Email List by using Zapier to connect to Aweber or MailChimp.

Messenger BOTS help businesses in:

  • Businesses can now service potential clients and existing customers immediately with timely answers
  • Businesses do not have to worry about answering FAQs immediately thus saving money
  • Business can save staff wages in getting a BOT programmed for their sites
  • Business can now funnel traffic from Ads through a pipeline.
  • They can followup with up-sells after someone leaves the shopping cart
  • BOTS can help businesses to build their customer lists. Both in Messenger as well as email list.


If you looking to grow your business and implement sales funnels in the DOT COM Era then you should consider implementing Chat BOTS in your digital marketing strategies to dominate the internet.

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