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PS: This review is unbiased. However you must do your own due diligence by going to the SOCIJAM seller’s page and reading more on it. Click Here

Product Overview!

Seller: Cindy Donovan


Date Released: 8th April 2020

Front End Price: Under$20 (price is increasing per sale)

Sale Page: Click Here!

Niche: Marketing Sofware


SOCIJAM is a software that allows marketers to create eye catching posts and post to Facebook. It also has a mobile app so its great to post on the run too. From what I see SOCIJAM is designed to take your business to the next level.


Get Your Story See & Told

Generate MORE Income from Simple Social Posts

Stop Scanners

You can now sell to them more easily. Watch the examples I have laid out for you below.

Lead Generation

Siphon LOTS More Leads from Facebook

Get Buyers Easily

Transform casual viewers into BUYERS


Check out the example below …

How Does It Work

I find this a life saver – The SOCIJAM SYSTEM!

Step #1

Add Your Content to the WYSIWYG editor

Just log in to your SociJam dashboard and add your content to the editor that allows you to bold, italicize, underline or add emojis to your content and see the changes in real time.

Step #2
Generate and Copy the Profit- pulling content!

Once you have stylized your content to engage more with the audience in the editor, simply click on the generate button and copy the generated profit-making content ready to use on Facebook anywhere.

Step #3
Paste & Profit

SociJam has made sure to get you the most engagement without any extra effort or cost involved. All you have to do is simply add an easy but powerful twist to your posts, stories, and ads and unlock ways to get more profit than ever.

SOCIJAM Toturial By Cindy

So Who Is Cindy Donovan?

Hey there, Cindy Donovan here, and after spending 10+ years of quite a successful time in this market and having 142,300+ happy and successful customers with my products.
Read more about Cindy here

Who Does It Suit?


  • People who want to make eye catching post
  • People who want to get engaement on posts with LIKES & Shares
  • People who want click throughs
  • People who want sales and profits

My Conclusion

I am amazed to find a software that can make simple boring social media post stand out. For a low invetment of less than $20 (at time of creating this review) you get a very powerful tool to use that can bring in free traffic. With the guarantee that comes with Socijam you have nothing to lose.

In conclusion I would recomend going to the vendor’s page and read more about this awesome new product. ~ Claude

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