AffiloJetpack 2.0 Product Overview By Claude Fullinfaw

Key Benefits Of AffiloJetpack 2.0

  • Firsly let’s take the confusion out of content creation: AffiloJetpack stops users from procrastinating because they get stumped at creating content. Most people struggle in content creation. Content creation takes time, money and energy. What if you were provided the niches to work in, with professional graphics like this website, hosting tutorials and course newsletters and we even help you build the website itself.
  • No more slow results: AffiloJetpack package helps quickly build optimized affiliate websites that convert visitors to paying customers, meaning users like you make money faster. And on autopilot. Isn’t that wonderful!
  • Save thousands of dollars: When starting out cash flow is low. Seldom people like you and me have money to spend on getting content for websites. This most often cost a lot of cash upfront and time. To source this much content (including 100+ emails per niche) it would usually cost thousands of dollars. When you start to use the resources AffiloJetpack offers you, customers stop bleeding money through outsourcing to third party vendors like Odesk, Fivierr, etc.


I just wanted to post this for the benefit and encouragement of other Jetpack members. I just started with affiliate marketing at the end of September with ABSOLUTELY NO experience.

I signed up for Blueprint and then Jetpack soon after. As of today I have 764 confirmed email subscribers and just over $500 in affiliate commissions.

– Paul (USA)

Years ago when I first got started in internet marketing I struggled. I was starting out by myself with no mentors or coaches to help me get to success quickly. kIt wasn’t easy back then. Every time I ventured into a new space I had to spend hard earned cash that came from my cash reserves saved. Most often I would loose my investment, buying software and courses that were not what they said they were.

Looking back over the years I would have spend at least $10,000 a year just on courses and apps. Most of these are gathering dust right now in folders in my computer.

What if I had a mentor and coach to hold my hand helping me set up my first few WordPress sites. Finding the right plugins to optimise those websites. Teaching me SEO strategies to get more people to find my webpages. These are some of the benefits when you get Mark Ling’s coaching. he has walked the path you plan to walk along. Why not get his free webinar to show you what must be done in the beginning. This way you get a few tips at no cost to you and saving you headaches along the way. Get the course here. Click Here!

What Is Included In AffiloJetpack 2.0 Pack?

  • All of the content required for 5 niches (users get to select their niches from 18 choices). You are offered 18 industry groups to choose from. These are the best performing niches on the internet to make money from right now in 2020 and beyond.
  • Each niche comes with a year-long autoresponder sequence of emails (100+ per niche), with built-in promotions for affiliate products. Imagine getting at least 2 emails a week to send out to your prospects. These emails are all written out on the subject of the niche you have chosen. Just imagine the time involved for anyone to write a handful of emails on any subject. Here you get 100 emails plus for the five niche groups you pick. Its a time saver. Plus a money saver. Imagine paying $2.00 or more per email to a content writer. That itself will be over $200 per niche or $1000 plus just for emails. Thats too expensive for anyone especially a beginner in internet marketing to start paying upfront. Especially when you have no profits coming in right now. I feel this resource here is priceless in value.
  • Our custom AffiloTheme for WordPress. Includes easy-to-use design options, a squeeze page generator and widgets designed to convert users. I remember starting out finding the right template to use in my WordPress site impossible. I had to find a site with the right layout and the correct widgets to use. On top of that I had to build a landing page to get clients to optin. I remember spending over $250 just to buy themes such as Elegant Themes and Studio Press Themes. Though these themes are great to use its rather expensive for a beginner affiliate marketer to spend money on. Secondly you need to optimize the theme and that takes time. Its just not an easy process. This resources here is invaluable for beginners. You should consider taking it for a test drive with no risk to you.
  • Users can create unlimited websites using our AffiloJetpack builder. This builder will pre-install WordPress and AffiloTheme, plus set up a Fluttermail email account. This Fluttermail account will have the autoresponder series for the user’s chosen niche automatically added. The affiliate links are also automatically installed, connected to their ClickBank account.
  • 3 eBooks per niche — great as sign-up bait, or as a bonus. This is a big help as you can add these bonuses on your signup pages to attract buyers to buy from you. It is important to get ebooks from a reputable source to avoid copywrite issues.
  • 20 article research packs for each niche. These article research packs contain paragraph ideas with research and facts listed. Users can use this as a “skeleton” for writing their own Google-friendly articles. Imagine having content at your finger tips. All you need to do is elaborate on these articles. You can then add graphics to these articles to make the content on your webpage more pleasing to read.
  • Professionally designed header graphics, which are easy to customize. Getting a graphic designer to create high quality designs is expensive. Here you get everything given to you for every niche you choose.
  • 12 months of web hosting for one website. I find this a money saver. If you were to use HostGator, GoDaddy or SiteGround or NameCheap it will cost you at least $25 per month for shared hosting. Here you get this for free for the first year, all inclusive in your package when you buy AffiloJatpak 2.0 .


Hey guys, this is just a quick follow up on my last 2 posts, to say that this stuff works ridiculously well.

I’m not on here as much now that things are going really well for me, but I wanted to just post this for inspiration.

I’ve now made $1273 in commissions, I have over 1300 optins so far and growing.

– Dan (USA)

Now Who Is AffiloJetpack For?

  • AffiloJetpack is unique as beginners who are getting started in Internet Marketing. It will give the newbie the resources much needed to get off the curb and get your websites created without any huge learning curve. You can start to earn money quicker with someone guiding you. I find that in every resource or course there is always a few golden nuggets of assets that are handy even if you are an advanced user and someone who knows a bit but wants to take your marketing to the next level. AffiloJetpak may be the right internet resource for you now.
  • For absolute internet marketing beginners who have never built a website before, we do it for them and provide training. You don’t have to worry. Mark Ling will look after you. You have access to a support forum to help you.
  • For affiliates who tried to build a website but found it hard and got discouraged, we do it for them and remove the confusion. This can be a minefield. Having this level of support is valuable for people who get stuck in optimizing their sites for Google.
  • AffiloJetpack is great for affiliates who have built websites before but failed to make money. We give them the secret sauce to making money: an autoresponder. You can use Aweber, MailChimp
  • And it’s great for advanced affiliates who are already making money. AffiloJetpack allows them quickly create a more websites based on the niches we have in the vault. All the work is done for you. You will save time and money in making new sites quicker.

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