How Do ChatBots Work?

Chatbots are an app that is cloud based where scripts are written by the owner of the BOT to answer questions that come up often for that business from clients. The answers from the chatbot are precise and to the point.

An example of a chatbot conversation would be something like this for a T-shirt printing company.

Question types in messenger maybe -“what are your opening hours?’

The bot will answer “We are open Mon-Fri from 9am to 5pm”.

Check out a chatbot example here … Click Here!

Who writes these answers out? The person who operates the bot will type out many scenarios that occur and tag these questions with keywords. An example keyword may be “hours” or “open” or “opening times”. If any of these words is seen in the conversation the bot will answer with what is written out by the script writer.

It can save a lot of time answering simple questions.

I use MSGHERO in the example shown above.

What Is An AI ChatBot?

AI Chat Bots take the chatbots to another level of intelligence. If you watched the Google news lately on AI, they are coming out with Artificial Intelligence in bots where the bot can almost guess what the user wants to know. As this particular bot gets more and more interactions with customers of a particular business it can guess what maybe upcoming questions and prompt the user with suggestions. These AI apps are not yet mainstream as yet but will come out soon. The ones that are out have flaws and are very expensive for business for the moment.

What Is The Best ChatBot?

There are a few chatbots on the market that are very popular. Of these I find three to be the top. These are

I have used MSGHERO and found the app very easy to use. It is affordable for a small business and is well priced. There is a 7 day free trial too if you are uncertain about Bots. I strongly recommend it. On the MSG Hero bot page is a product comparison to show you why MSGHero should be your choice of Bot.



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