In this lesson of on how to create chatbots for real estate agents I shall begin by asking the question first “why should we create chat bots for real estate agencies”?

This is a very important question to begin with. Most real estate agents are so busy running their agencies selling properties that they have very little time to look at technology and how it can possibly make bots help them reduce their work load and at the same time increase profits.

Why real estate agents should use chat botsLets look at the scenario where a person is looking to buy a property on the Gold Coast of Australia. This person spends a good 12 months browsing the internet searching for properties before settling for the one he or she then places a contract on. The agent that sells the property is very happy. I would too. But lets dig a bit deeper here and see if we can do better.

  • Can we tap into this property buyer in the future in an effortless way?
  • Can we have tapped into this potential buyer if they did not come back a second time? What if they didn’t come back the second time to ask more questions about properties in our portfolio.

Now from personal experiences with real estate agents in Brisbane and Gold Coast I have found that most agencies do not have a good follow-up system besides calling clients up to find out if they are ready in the buying process. Some take the trouble to manually email prospects but it goes as far as that.

I have on a few occasions messages agents in Facebook and they taken hours to get back to me. Some even have taken a day to get back. In the 90’s this would have been ok to do but not in 2020 and beyond. Customers whenthey are looking want information immediately. They want it now.

Yes I gather you have some frequently asked questions that people may ask. These maybe

  • Opening hours
  • where do you have properties
  • Telephone number to call

Facebook allows its users 5 generic questions that you can use without any charge in Messenger. This works quite well. However, the visitor when they get the answer may have to wait hours or a day before you get the time to personally answer their specific questions. What if their queries weren’t answered in the first first with your 5 answers you placed in Messenger?

Would it be important for the business to be able to communicate more with a potential buyer or seller? What if you could capture their potential client’s information such as phone number and email when they visited your website or Facebook Business page? This way you could be building two client lists – one in Email and the other in Messenger. I have learned that the money is in your list. The larger the list of clients you have the bigger the the potential of making more profits. Do you agree?

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7 Day Free Chat Bot Trial

So from what you see here above its important to be able to contact as many people who visit your website as possible. If you don’t do that you are leaving a lot of money on the table. This becomes even more true if you advertising on Google & Facebook and hoping people call you to view your property.

Today people are too busy. They don’t even call. If you can just allow them to click button on their smartphones they are very happy. Calling and texting is a thing of the past I feel. Its all about communication on Messenger.

In my next post I shall talk about how to create a BOT in Messenger.


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