In this post we shall talk about some common chatbot conversational examples. Lets focus on what potential clients may have for the real estate industry in this example. Have you heard of MSGHERO Bot?

What Are Some Common Chatbot Conversational Examples?

Whenever I have visited a real estate agents website or their Facebook page I have yet to see someone answer my queries immediately. Many of the Facebook Messenger conversations are the standard questions that Facebook gives its fans to use. These are …

  • What areas do you serve
  • Can I speak to an agent
  • Can I schedule a viewing
  • Are there any new properties available

Now if you were to click one of these options above lest see what happens. I will click “what areas do you serve“.

And when I do I just don’t get a reply immediately. I now need to get that particular real estate agent for that business to get back to me. Most often they return my msg the next day. The question I have is what if I need to talk to someone immediately? What if I go and look for another agent to service me?

If we had a bot working for us such as MSGHero this issue of being neglected may not arise. The Bot will answer on behalf of the agent. The potential client will get the answers he or she needs and then the bot may ask the inquirer for their number and email for the agent to call back later. The bot can schedule an appointment by offering appointment times and even go as far as send an email immediately to the person on behalf of the real estate agent.

Would this save time for the agent? Yes it would. Instead of following up these FAQs why not have a virtual assistance help you. You don’t have to pay wages to this VA and the BOT will work for you 24/7 without wages.

ChatBot Examples For Real Estate Agents!

Here are some examples I feel could help someone like myself who should visit a real estate agents website or Facebook page.

  1. Have a friendly greeting wishing the visitor by name.
  2. Introduce yourself by name too suggesting that its the VA working for the agent
  3. Then ask the visitor how can we be of assistance. Give them a few options to choose from. These can be are you selling, are you buying, are you an investor, are you down sizing, are you a first home buyer. Each of these then can ask specific questions regarding what option they asked. For example if they were to click “downsizing” the bot may ask them a few more questions such as – when do you want to sell, what areas are you looking at, do you want independent living, do you want a retirement home, etc.

As you can see we can be very helpful to potential buyers or seller. Also we can followup immediately with an email that is automatically sent out by the Bot for you.

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