Best Web Hosting Comparison 2020

The Top Web Hosting Comparison in 2020! In this post I shall cover a few topics to help you find the best comparisons in your due diligence process of finding the best web hosting companies to host your website domains on. I...

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How To Create A Messenger Chat Bot

How To Create Messenger Chat Bots! In this tutorial I shall look at the various elements we need to take into account when creating a chatbot for Messenger. Before we start I like to mention I am an affiliate of some of the...

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How WordPress Is Changing

How WordPress Is Changing Cook’d Pro Theme With the classic editor being phased out and block editing coming into themes in WordPress we now have more functionality than ever before. Previously the WordPress themes would...

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What Are Messenger Chat BOTS?

What Are Messenger Bots? Bots are autonomous messages that are sent by machines to humans when they ask questions. These bots Artificial Intelligence technology to predetermine what people are thinking. Messenger Bots in...

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