Affiliate Marketing Tutorial

I remember in mid 2005 as I got started on the internet to make a buck. At that time ClickBank was just starting and not many people used PayPal that much. Google was only a few years old and Facebook didn’t even exist as we know it today. How the world has changed since then.

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I remember it was so easy getting to Page 1 on Google. I used to create a brand new site and within hours it was on the first page of Google. The content sucked, the SEO was bad but still it ranked. I used to throw a bit of Affiliate links on to the pages and bingo I got a few hundred dollars a month. Its was exciting back then to make this easy month. But was I creating value. I don’t think so. I was doing what people did then. Create sites just to make quick money.

But times have changed since then. Its now mid 2020 and Google has become smart in creating algorithms to make sure its customers (Google Searcher) are getting what they want. Google isn’t worried about website owners. They never were and never will. All they want is that their customers are taken care of. But here is the clever bit.

If we as bloggers or affiliate marketers created useful content that could truly help people with their hunger for knowledge then I am sure Google will want our websites to be seen more often than not. I feel that this is the way business must be conducted in the internet marketing world moving forward in the next decade.

One of the challenges I feel if I were to begin all over again is where to get advice freely on what to do as a beginner. Time is money. Is there a way to speed things up in the learning process without wasting time and money on learning? Can we tap into someone who has the experience we seek, and is willing to share that experience with us?

I came across an affiliate marketing course online called The AffiloBluePrint written by Mark Link. Remember how I mentioned my success and failures, well Mark too went through something similar to what I experienced. However, he wasn’t like most of us marketers in the mid 2000’s. He wasn’t following what the internet marketing gurus were teaching then. What he was doing was just writing content the way he thought he should. At first he didn’t make any money while all the others were prior to 2012.

Then Google made some massive changes to their algorithms. Most of the sites got hit with the Penguin Update of 2012. But strangely not Mark’s. Slowly his website traffic started to improve and get better and better year by year. He noticed his earnings start to improve and grow too.
Now I like you to take a few minutes off your busy schedule and read the blog post that Mark has written about his journey as an Affiliate Marketing Entrepreneur and see if you can gain some knowledge from his expertise.

If you venturing out into the new normal today as COVID19 takes its hold and changes the way business is done, get to know affiliate marketing as its worth getting as much knowledge before you start investing into programs, websites, themes, plugins, etc.

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