In this blog post today I shall introduce you to just three affiliate marketing ideas to make money.As you are well aware by now more and more people are turning to the internet to shop online. Especially during the global pandemic crisis right now. And the good news is this new way of shopping or the way we lead life right now will be the norm moving forward. People who loved shopping online or will keep on doing it more. And those that were hesitant in the past will have got used to this new way of life in the next 4 to 6 months of 2020. So I believe its the best time to get started in creating a business online right now. And affiliate marketing is the best place to begin.

Why do I feel affiliate marketing is best for beginners?

When you start you probably don’t have much experience. However, you have a wealth of knowledge in your own field of expertise. Why not write about what you know best. So how do you monetize your articles. Don’t worry I shall teach you how you can in the next few minutes. And the best news is you can do it for free. Just some sweat equity on your side to jot down your tips in your blog.

What I shall be discussing below are not over night success. You will need to do some work. But the good news is you can do a bit each week. By doing regular articles you will soon get a good following on the internet. Google likes consistency and also value given to its clients. If you satisfy Google’s thirst for good material they will reward you with more eye balls on your website.

As you write often valuable posts your readers will start to trust you more and more. Soon there will be an expectancy from them that you recommend products you use. This is when you can start introducing affiliate products to your following. And if and when they were to buy through your link you will get paid for every sale you make. Isn’t that wonderful. Thats the magic of having an affiliate marketing business.

So how did I get to know all about these strategies I am teaching you here. Well! I started following the  AffiloBlueprint Course.

So lets begin …

I shall keep these money making ideas to just 3 here so you can focus on getting started immediately.

Idea #1: Build A Blog To Start Making Money

The first step is starting a blog of your own. In case you are not familiar with blogs, well these are websites that you see everyday on the internet. Initially people started keeping a log on the web of their activities. Today its evolved into Blogs. We shall pen down your thoughts either daily or weekly into articles called posts which shall be placed in to this site. In the AffiloBluePrint course I learned how to write top articles and what to include in each of these post. I also learned about affiliate marketing, SEO, webhosting. Don’t worry as everything about WordPress themes, hosting, domain names and blogging will be taught to you.

The next step is to be consistent with our writing. Remember I mentioned earlier that Google likes blogs that are fresh with new content. Now writing content is key. Make sure you write on topic and do not lead people astray. If you want to make money online through your blog you must always write with the end user (the site visitor) in mind.

  • What is he or she searching for?
  • What can you share that can be useful to them in their research or project they are into?

Always keep this person in mind. The longer the visitor stays on your site and the more links they click from your site to other relevant information, will translate into goodwill from Google. Google will reward you with better visibility in the search engines and better rankings. This will translate into more visitors, more clicks and more sales. This is how you will make more money.

Once you build this trust up with your readers then it will be time to start introducing links sprinkled within your posts to other sites when your visitors can then buy from.

For example — If you are writing about a recipe in India on a beautiful resort in Goa, on cooking Chicken Biriyani mentioning certain spices, cooking pots and stoves you used to cooked this on, you can very cleverly place links to a spice websites, a website that sells kitchen ware as well as a travel destination site with a link to airline bookings included. If your visitor should buy from any of these sites you get paid a percentage of the sale. Isn’t this a great idea to make money.

EXAMPLE: Enlightenment Gateway. Mark Ling made this site using the same techniques taught in AffiloBlueprint, and it makes thousands of dollars each year.

Idea #2: Focus On Email Marketing.

In AffiloBluePrint you will be shown how banner advertising on websites will make you less money than email marketing. People who do click on banners are cold traffic and don’t convert.

How to make money with affiliate marketing for beginnersAffiloBlueprint teaches that instead of using banners, you should use opt-in forms to an email subscriber list. We shall also teach you how to use Facebook Messenger to create a list. The two can work together. You can build both at the same time. When someone subscribes to your email they can be added to Messenger as well. We shall use a chatBot like MSGHero for this purpose.

If you take a look at this example on Enlightenment Gateway , you will see it does use an email opt form and doesn’t use banners.

Give people an incentive to join (e.g. free ebook) then send out emails with helpful information and relevant product suggestions. Pre-warms traffic, increasing conversions. This is a useful tip to keep in mind.

Idea #3: Focus on Free Google Traffic, Doing Its Organically.

Organic Google traffic is high quality and converts very well. Here are some tips for ranking better on search engines like Google.

  • Posting regularly helps with Google giving you better coverage. Google loves fresh material.
  • Optimize your post for a keyword that is shown as having a good number of searches (100+) in Google Keyword Planner. A free keyword tool is https://keywords.moneyrobot.com/advanced/
  • How to place keywords in your article: Place keyword once in title tag, once in description tag.
  • Now you must be dying to learn more about SEO, how to write articles and how to get your blog up. All this you will learn from AffiloBluePrint. I recommend reading up on AffiloBluePrint.


In summary I feel if you wish to make money online through affiliate marketing and want a blue print laid out to help you get ahead with how to register a domain for your blog, how to set your WordPress blog up with the right themes, and then begin posting regularly I suggest you take a look at AffiloBlueprint course and see if its value to you.

I have written a short review on the course highlighting its benefits (also mentioning a few cons ) for affiliate marketing beginners like you to learn more from. Here is the link – Click Here!

Disclosure: Bear in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. Keep in mind that I link these companies and their products because of their quality and not because of the commission I receive from your purchases. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you.