WordPress For Beginners!

WordPress is ideal as a blogging platform for the beginner as well as experienced marketer. It has become the preferred platform to write blogs on with 35% market share now. This will grow even more in the new normal. Our world has changed so much in the last few months since the start of 2020. More and more people are making the transition to staying at home and reconsidering making a living from home.

With internet marketing on the increase and people hunger for courses to learn I am seeing an more interest towards learning how money can be earned via affiliate marketing. If you want to be an affiliate selling products you will need a blog. WordPress is a cheap yet very effective platform with low overheads. All you need is to have a domain registered with a domain provider and then host your new domain with a hosting company such as Namescheap. Once you done that upload WordPress and you all set.

You may want to either run with the three or four free themes that come uploaded into WordPress on the install or you can search for other free templates. I recommend looking for a paid WordPress Theme as they seem to be much more useful in my opinion. I personally use StudioPresss and Elegant Themes for my Blogs.

Benefits of WordPress For Being The Foundation For Your Blog!

WordPress is a strong choice as a website for businesses looking to build their online presence for three main reasons:

  • It’s free to use
  • It has a massive community so you can find solutions for almost any situation
  • There are over 50,000 free plugins & 3,500 free themes that add functionality and design to your website.

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Here are some useful points to keep in mind when building your site.

  • engage your visitors when they are on your site through ChatBots and Live Video.Use popup forms to capture leads.
  • Build beautiful, responsive email newsletters and nurture your leads with marketing automation campaigns.
  • Manage your entire database with a list manager
  • Measure your business growth with analytic dashboards.
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    Any website you desire to build – a portfolio, business, e-commerce, etc – likely has a free theme and/or plugin to make it possible without having to code.

    Businesses that need to move to an online-first model can easily do so using WordPress. For example, brick-and-mortar stores can now easily sell their products, services, and/or goods using WooCommerce, a free online store builder.

    How Does WP Engine as a managed WordPress provider help you with your digital experience?

    The benefits of hosting your website with WP Engine are

  • speed,
  • scalability,
  • reliability,
  • and security.
  • The better your infrastructure is delivering these four key aspects to your website, the better experience your website visitors will have.

    For businesses that are eager to best serve their customers with world-class experiences, having WP Engine as your infrastructure gives added functionality into WordPress with a winning combination.

    WP Engine takes away the pain and frustration from managing your website’s infrastructure.

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