Now is the time to invest in your online business and watch it grow

As we forge ahead in these troubled times when businesses seemingly have no direction about what may come next it is becoming more and more evident that our world has started to change in the way we do business with each other. For traditional businesses like the local restaurant and takeaway joint life has taken a total hit. No longer can these businesses depend just on walk-ins any more. These businesses have started taking their food to their patrons with home deliveries. In phone apps connect these food outlets to their customers now. They are just one-click away.

The question is are these businesses like restaurants, garden centers, gyms and yoga studios reaching out to these customers even more. Are they implementing apps such as Messenger Chatbots onto their Facebook pages and websites.

Are these local businesses considering using email marketing as part of their marketing strategy now more than ever before. It is important that small and medium sized businesses do this because we must remind our customers we exist more now than before. One thing we have lost is foot traffic to our doors. We must ramp up the traffic from the internet.

Local businesses can create short downloaded menus, fitness guides, how to landscape your garden on a budget, etc and offer these PDF or eBooks as a download either through an email subscription box on their websites or through a Chatbot in Facebook. Either way we can then capture a prospect when they request the PDF and then market these people through email or via FB Messenger Ads.

If local business were to go down this path, a path I see happening now more than ever before, we see one common factor here. They have all gone digital. Digital once a nightmare for many has now become the only lifeline to many local companies.

Most websites are based on a WordPress theme for their e-commerce transactions. It is estimated that 35% of websites are hosted on a WordPress site now. It is easy to install, mange and hosting is cheap.

Why WordPress Is A Vital Part Of Digital Today!

In today tough economic climate it is cheap to spin off a WordPress site without the high upfront costs associated when you host your website on another platform. You can set up a site on WordPress with very little cost as compared to sites run on Wix and SquareSpace and with way more functionality. WordPress will offer you a marketing powerhorse for all your marketing needs online.

With over 35% of people turn to WordPress it has become a favorite with business owners now. Here are some tips why this platform is so popular.

Pro Tip #1: Use a world-class theme to get your site off the ground. 

Themes based on WordPress will give you the base to get your online business up and running immediately. Even better, when you sign up for a WP Engine account, you get free access to 36 themes including the world’s most popular theme framework, Genesis.

These one-click-setup themes offer far more versatility than the templates site builders provide, and they can help you get up and running in seconds. Then, you can easily add all the content your heart desires to a beautifully-designed website that fits your digital vision.

Get your website started with just a few clicks using all Genesis-built StudioPress themes.

Pro Tip #2: Performance matters.

With more and more people being on line these days you will see a lot of online traffic coming to your site. Maybe your site is dragging, which means lost visitors and lost revenue. At WP Engine, there’s a long list of performance metrics that are top of mind for every site hosted on our platform, but typically, two of the most important factors are speed and security.

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