In this tutorial I shall show you where to locate your videos after you taken them. This makes it handy especially when you want to edit these videos before you upload them to YouTube.

Extempore app is a very versitile smart phone application to assist video creators to make videos without stage fright. Where To Get A Copy Of The Extempore App?

In the picture here you will see your recorded video saved under the section My Takes. In this section will be all your unedited videos taken with the Extempore App.

You can take any number of videos with the app license and these will be seen under My Takes.

To the top Right you shall see a tab that says My Edits. Once you make edits the edited video will now be saved in this section.

You may make as many edits as you so wish..

On the top of the smart phone screen you will see three tabs. The first is ‘My Stories’. This is where all your video story scripts will be stored. Depending on the app license you purchase you will be able to store either 3 scripts, 25 scripts or 50 scripts. You can always upgrade if you want at a later date.

How to download the extempore appYour edited videos will be seen under the section called My Edits. You  can see this in the photo here. Now all the versions of edits will be seen here. You can make as many edits as you wish.

Now each video taken and those edits will sit under each story. This makes it easy to locate your videos. Make sure you give good titles to your video stories when you create them. This will help you when you want to search for a video in this section.



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