How Do You Find The Best Teleprompter App for iPhone or Android?

Here I shall introduce you to an app I recently found very useful. It has started to be a very useful tool in my video making.

Let me explain why…

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How to buy ExtemporeYou watch the news, an incredible speaker, or the weather and you see how they flawlessly do the video every single day..

They make it look so easy.

So, why is it when you try to create your own videos that you stumble over words or forget what you are saying?

Oh, man. I have been there. The thing is it’s hard to create highly engaging, captivating videos on the fly.

The new trend is these ‘selfie-style’ videos being us by influencers, but how do you get them right?

I tried them and honestly, they were terrible.

Recently I tried a new mobile app that made a huge difference.

It’s called Extempore.

It turns your smartphone or mobile device into a teleprompter.

I thought ‘Well, does this really works?

You can create captivating videos in 4 simple steps.

  1. Create a new “story” (script) from the easy to use dashboard.
  2. Click on “my takes” and press the record icon.
  3. Configure your settings before you record. (You can
    adjust the text size and scroll speed)
  4. Click, Record, Speak!

I thought this sounds cool, but will it work for me?

When I first tried it I accidentally set the scroll speed too fast. It took me literally two seconds to adjust it, and from installing the app to adding my ‘story’ (script) I spent about five minutes setting it up.

Then, I shot my first ‘take’.

I have to tell you.

This was the easiest time I’ve ever had recording a video, and now I can see why they look so at ease on TV.

If you are creating video content or know you need to on a regular basis, then this is the best money you will spend all year.

It makes that big of a difference.

Go check out all the features and demo.

Here is the link: Click Here!



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