What Is Web Hosting?

 Web hosting is the place where your website lives on the internet. Just imagine its the address/ home where you live in life. A website is similar. It needs  a home to reside at. Web hosting is that home.

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So what is a domain then?

Its the name of your home or website in
this case. Every website should have a domain that it can be located at.
Domains can be .com, or .com.Au or .com.In . The are so many extensions for domains. If you want your website to be optimized for a country then go for a .com.Au or .com.Nz for Australia or New Zealand
 respectively. Now if you don’t have a domain yet I suggest buying a domain either from SiteGround or Namescheap. They do have specials so check their websites out for

So getting back to webhosting, its a service that allows individuals and organizations to place/ host a website on the internet. A web host is a internet provider
or internet company that provides the technology and services to help you run your websites and webpages seamlessly on the net so people can find you easily.

Most web hosing companies
require you to have a domain hosted on their servers. You can have a domain registered with one internet such as GoDaddy and have the DNS records of your domain pointing to another hosting company such as Namescheap where you will
host your website. I have found WP Engine a great company for webhosting and I use either Siteground or Namescheap to register my domains at.

When some should do a search on their computer all they need to do is enter a string of words and if your webpages have related information on them optimized correctly then your website will be delivered via the internet from your hosting company directly to the
searcher’s computer. Its so simple.

Web Hosting Services

 As I mentioned above web hosting services are internet companies that are providers of technologies for the general public, small and large organizations to host their websites on. These web hosts provide all the technical know how and infrastructure that is required for you to smoothly run your businesses on the net.

They provide email hosting service as part of the package so ask for that too. You can have a branded email to suit your domain name. This gives your customer confidence that you run a legit company. Make sure your hosting provider gives you a secure hosting with an SSL certificate attached.

What is an SSL certificate?

The SSL certificate is a code on your site that tells Google that your site can be trusted. When you visit a website look at the address bar to the top left. You will see a padlock. If the lock is present the site is secure. If it isn’t then be wary of the site.  

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Best Web Hosting Companies In Australia

 The top web hosting providers on the market are:

  •  NamesCheap
  •  GoDaddy
  •  SiteGround

There are many others. You should search around. I use the ones above.

Hosting In Brisbane

 WP Engine is an Australian company in Brisbane and have a very good product. You can get more information on the various web packages they have for small and large businesses. Check out their very attractive savings offered for new accounts when to get you started. You can read more about WP Engine here. Click Here!

What Are Web Hosting Cost?

 The cost to host a website will vary with the package you buy. The cost starts from $38.33 AUD to $367 AUD for large companies to host their websites.
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You must do your due diligence here because cheap isn’t always the best. You may find a cheaper company to host your WordPress blog. However, the speed of the site probably will be slow. A slow loading site will get less visitors which in turn means less profits from your online store.

Go for a robust and fast web host platform that can offer you room to expand later when you start to grow the business. WP Engine is one such company that offers clients globally a great platform which accommodates small and medium businesses as well as large companies to run their businesses effectively.

I do hope the points I have covered here can help you find the right solution for your business’s needs on the web.  


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