There is a new app called Extempore just released on May 1st 10 am EST.

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What Is Extempore? First the word ‘extempore’ means to speaking confidently without preparation. Imagine being able to talk on video, make YouTube videos without much preparation?

Wouldnt that be marvelous!

This is where Extempore comes into play. Extempore is a app that sits in your smartphone (Android or IOS) and can you can now create a reading script and talk to it while recording right from your phone.

Your phone screen becomes the teleprompter screen prompting your word for word what to say for the entire length of the video you need to shoot.

It comes with a basic version thats around the $30 mark and there are upgrades depending on what you plan to use it for. But the basic version is very good.

Follow along with my posts as I shall be giving you tips on how to use Extempore from my trials of the App.

Good Luck!



$27 US

Easy to Download




Ease of use


Training/ Support





  • Very easy to use
  • Sync with your computer
  • Uploads to YuTube
  • Creates Instagram Videos
  • Can add music
  • Can add lower third TEXT


  • Bit tricky to adjust the voice spped
  • Took a while to upload to YouTube
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