Are you one of those people like me who finds it hard to get videos on page one in Google?

Now most people find it hard to create videos. And then it gets harder to get views on the videos. Read my Review Here!

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Why Buy InstathumbsWithout views its almost impossible to get any clicks.

  • Now what is the first thing that is very important is to get someone to notice your video in the news-feeds?
  • How do you distract a searcher to take a look at your video?
  • How do you make them notice your thumbnail from the many that are on a page in YouTube or Google.

Its by creating eye catching thumbnails.

So Why is It Hard To create thumbnails?

Time: But that can take time and money especially if you get them done by a professional graphic artist.

Money is another big factor. The investment can be high.

A graphic artist can charge upwards of $8 dollars for each thumb nail. Most thumbnails are around the $24 mark while a few are even $49 an image. If you wanted 10 thumbnails to be created this would range from $80 at the cheapest quote to over $500 for the most expensive graphic artist to create some for you.

Then you will need to wait from 3 to 7 day or even more to have the Thumbnails delivered to you. This is not only expensive in money but also in time waiting for a project to be completed.

What if there was an answer to this thumbnail creation issue you have?

What if you could create thumbnails on the fly in minutes to suit every video you create and you don’t have to pay more for a thumbnail?

The Solution: InstaThumbs Software | The Solution To Creating Instant Thumbnails For Every Video!

You now have a great solution in a software that San Kumar the creator places in your hands for a very low fee of $37. This is a one off fee that allows you to create great looking eye catching thumbnails for your video in minutes.

What Are The Benefits of Instathumbs – Thumbnail Creator?

Create Attractive Video Thumbnails In Just 3 Clicks!
Boost Your Videos Views And Increase Conversions by 347%
Hundreds Of Ready Made Templates For All Top Niches (see Samples here)
Create Unlimited Thumbnails And Sell Them For Profit!
No Monthly Fees. No Watermarks. No Additional Software.
Cloud based, i.e. runs everywhere including Windows, Mac, iPad and Phone.
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