Where Can I find the best thumbnail app for YouTube videos?

It can get quite frustrating when you have a number of videos to make each week or month and then have to find time to design and create quick Thumbnails for each video.

VidToon is my choice for Thumbnails Creator! Learn More!

The other alternative is to get a graphic designer to design each thumbnail for you. What I found was that they can charge from $8 to $25 sometimes even $50 just for one graphic. Then you have to wait for a week or more before you get your thumbnail delivered. So it can take time and money if you opt to get a designer to help you.

How about get an app that is cloud based and is simple easy to use and is inexpensive. Once you buy the software you have access to use it for life. It can be quite a useful tool and after you use it the first time it has paid for itself. After that each thumbnail is free. Just your time to create thumbnails. Isn’t that good.

That software is INSTATHUMBS, cloud based software that in my opinion is the best video thumbnail on the planet.

Here are the main reasons why I feel this may be the best video thumbnail for you today.

  1. Its has a simple drag & drop editor
  2. Its cheap
  3. Its cloud based and you can keep your thumbnails
  4. You can create and sell thumbnails on FIVERR.com
  5. Lastly it doesn’t take any tech skills to get started.


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