Here we shall look at how to use an online app that helps us with our Youtube video thumbnail creation. The thumbnail you saw in the local search you made was created by an app called Instathumbs. click Here To Look At A Video Thumbnail Maker!

I have made a short 2 minute video how to do some basic editing to add text to the design area showing how easily you can add text and make thumbnails.

  1. When you login to the software called Instathumbs you will first see a black design area to work with. In this example we shall use the blank area without using one of the many templates that comes with this program.
  2. Click the ADD TEXT tab to the left and you will be given tons of sample text to choose from.
  3. Pick one that suits your design style. I have used in this example the simple style.
  4. You can increase or decrease the size of the working area of the text by clicking on the tiny circles at the corners of the text box.
  5. Also you can rotate the box to tilt the angle of the text.
  6. Now if you were to look to the top of the design area you will see a WYSIWYG editor. You can use that to bold or italic your text. Change color of text, etc.

Now I shall be doing more videos like this explain the power of using a video thumbnail app such as Instathumbs.

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This is Claude Fullinfaw from Brisbane, Australia.

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