So how do we take a vertical or horizontal video and turn it into a square video for Instagram?

We are aware that Instagram is a powerful social media platform. As powerful as Google or YouTube. In fact we can get a lot of traffic to our business by using Instagram stories to attract visitors to our website or Messenger Bot. As seen here on my business page.

What is Extempore? How To Create an instagram video story with Extempore telepromoter app?Here we shall look at creating Instagram stories in video!

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After you have shot your video and saved it in My Takes. My Takes is the section in the app of the teleprompter where all your videos shot are stored in Extempore app.

Locate the video you want to edit. You can have more than one video here to select from.

In the edit mode you will see to the bottom left of the edit screen in Extempore app a small square icon. Tap it to open this feature.

You will then see 3 trimming options display on your smart phone screen. Select the middle option. You will see a small green tick appear on the dark screen. This will trim the video into a square. Once you save the video it is ready for upload directly into your Instagram account right from your Smartphone.

You will see a square display of the video in the preview window of the screen to the top of the screen display. This is how you can very easily re-purpose your videos for different social platforms.



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