In this example we shall use an online app called Instathumbs to do some smart editing to our thumbnails. What we want is to replace the text color with an image that we have.
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Follow the steps below to get beautiful video thumbnails for Youtube or Facebook video.

In Lesson 2 I am showing you how to add text however this time we will add a background colour or image and then using the tools in the video thumbnail maker called Instathumbs we shall take that image and make it appear in the body of the TEXT. Are you ready to learn?

Step 1: We shall use just the whole editing space in this example and not upload a template. Lets pick a font style from the Gradient collect given in the Instathumbs editor. There are a few of select from. I have chosen Gradient for this example.

Step 2: Now size the text frame to have a big enough area that suits your project. Use the tiny circles to the ends of the text box to drag and size. Now with having the text box still selected you will see an online text editor on the top of the editor box.

Step 3: I like you to Like the paint brush icon which is the gradient feature in video thumbnail app. A box will appear. The gradient is already selected so you dont have to make changes to the selection. But you need to click YES. This is to the bottom left of the box. However I like you to add an image so select image and now a different window appears.

Step 4: Pick an image either from your laptop or from Instagram or any other place. Import that image into the editor here. You will see that that image is now a part of the text color. Isn’t that smart.

PS: If you were to deselect add image to NO then the image will be the back of the Text.

Its pretty neat.

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