Lesson $3: How To Add A Chartacter To An Animated Video!

How to create an animated video with different characters that are animated. Here we shall walk you through a quick presentation on how to make animation videos for Chiropractors, Dentists or trades people with a simple video creator called Vidtoon.


In previous videos I have shown you how to add a background to the work space in the video app. Here we will pick a character from the display and drag and drop it to our timeline below the screen.

The next step is to size and fit the background to fit the screen, next select the time spa you want the back ground to go for. This can be done either by drag an drop the right end of the background in the timeline to the amount of seconds you want the background to be visible. Or you can do this in the setting tab a well.

Next we shall do the same with the character. Size and position it on the screen. Make sure it is in proportion to the other elements on the screen. In this case the nurse must be proportionate to the child.

How do you create the animation for the nurse to move towards the child?
This is how you will do the animation –

1. Click the nurse in the timeline.
2. Next in the setting tab select Move to A to B
3. A red flag will appear on the screen. If you move it towards the child the animation will move in that direction.

PS: if you add it by accident on the other side then delete the nurse and start again. The system may not animate properly if a mistake was made first time. You may need to redo the character again from what I saw.

Thats all to it.

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