I find chatbots truly fascinating. Imagine having a virtual assistance that works for you 24/7 and you don’t have to pay him or her for their time. This is what Chat Bots can do for you. Work for free. Chatbots are bots that are programmed to answer a visitor to your site on time with answers that they may be looking for.

Have you felt this way before …

It is most frustrating clicking onto a website and not getting answers to frequently asked questions immediately. I find 9 out of 10 real estate agency fall into this category. Today I hope that I can help agents to understand how much potential business they maybe leaving behind by not looking after every visitor that comes to their website or their Facebook profiles.

Why are chat bots important for real estate agency?Most real estate agents are so busy with trying to get buyers or sellers that they seldom have time nor energy to focus on cultivating relationships with potential visitors. Do you know that it cost quite a bit of money to get someone to look at a house listing. However, it cost much more if you don’t have a sale.

What if we can create a funnel whereby we can start to create trust within the buying community in your area. Now this doesn’t have to be sending out snail mail or spending money on Facebook Ads. What if at every point of contact we can draw these potential buyers into our trust by offering them help.

Most buyers have no clue how to go about buying a home.

  • What if we can have all the documents from the local government ready for them to have.
  • What if we have a check list that they must tick off when buying a new home.
  • A older home will have another check list. So it is with rental investment properties. This resources is valuable to potential buyers.

The same is for seller. You can have another list or lists just for sellers.

Here it starts to excite me most. Whenever someone wants this list they normally have to drop into your office or email you for a copy of the list. This is troublesome for both the buyer/seller and the agent.

Sellers and buyers are too busy to call on agents. If the agent isn’t at the office or doesn’t answer the phone the caller moves on to the the next real estate agency that can take care of them. You just lost a potential client.

Now …

Agents too are very busy.

What if just 3 people call you each day just to ask for advice. Each conversation may take anyway from 15 minutes to 30 minutes. This is approximately 45 to 90 minutes of valuable working time for you as the agent. What if these questions could be answered by a ChatBot immediately.

What Are The Benefits Of A Messenger Chat Bot?

The benefits here for the seller is that they get information downloads on properties in the area immediately. They also get notified by chat msg that they agent will be getting back to them in the next 2 to 3 hours. Most people are happy with that.

The Bot gets their phone number as well as their email with their permission and then send a confirmation email to the potential seller that Ms Agent will be calling soon. A copy of the downloads that maybe useful to the seller is attached to the email as well as recent listings. This is very useful to seller to feel the degree of professionalism on the part of the agent. Here we have started to build trust now with the seller.

By the time the agent calls the seller they have bee warmed up for the call. The trust is there and they are more open to advice. Do you see why ChatBots can benefit you in your real estate agency either in Brisbane, Gold Coast or Australia. You may connect with me personally on my business page for more advice on this matter.

The same process is for the buyer market too in properties.

How Do I Get A ChatBot!

You have two choices on how to get a Messenger ChatBot!

  1. The first choice is through Facebook itself. When you login go to your business page. This only works for business pages. Go to ‘settings’ then click on ‘messaging’. Scroll down a bit until you see “Your Messaging URL’. You can copy that URL and hyperlink this to your posts on your webpages. Every time someone should click that link they will be directed to start a conversation with you in Messenger. You also are able to create a snippet of code that you can then place in your website. Just make sure you have the right questions set up for the visitor to interact with. This has limitations because FB gives us just 5 questions to use. So this is where I like to look elsewhere for options. This leads me to a paid version
  2. The Paid Version – There are many ChatBots to choose from on the market. I use MSGHero for my bots. There are others such as Chatmatic, ManyChat, etc. You can look at MSG Hero here! In the paid version you can set up quite a few FAQs and have buttons for downloads. You can also use Zapier to connect your messenger app with Aweber or MailChimp autoresponsders. We will talk about how this can be done in another post soon. Watch a demo on my FB page on Real Estate Agents.

Where To Use Messenger ChatBots?

You can use chat bots in a number of places.

  • In Facebook posts. Post your Messenger URL either in the description of the posts or in the comment below the post. I like posting in the comment as it doesnt distract from the post’s content.
  • Add it in the Contact us button on Facebook
  • Add it in the description of your Profile and Timeline photos of your page
  • Add it on the Featured Posts photos in Facebook
  • Add its to your YouTube Profile
  • Add it to your LinkedIn Profile
  • Add it to your website
  • Add the Scan code to business cards
  • Add the scan code to any hard copy leaflets you give out at open houses, etc

Here is a free 7 Day Trial on MSG HERO. …. CLICK HERE!

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