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My name is San Kumar. I’m a marketer just like you and I have a confession to make.

My primary source of traffic is videos and it’s no secret that the amount of traffic and leads one can generate using Youtube videos is just amazing! But I must confess that I had to struggle a bit with video marketing in the beginning.

I had a rather random luck with my videos. Some videos generated a thousands of views while some didn’t even cross 100 views. So it got me curious and I started researching all the factors while contribute to what makes a video successful.

I did a lot of research into video marketing and read many tutorials and blogs and the number one thing that every top video marketer (including gurus like Brian Dean) suggested that the most important thing when it comes to videos is your Video Thumbnail.

Just to emphasize how important your thumbnail is, think how important a subject line is for an email. If the subject is boring then nobody will open your email no matter how great your content is. The same is true for videos. If you use a default thumbnail created by Youtube nobody will click your video and even if you spend a $1000+ on your video, what’s the point if nobody will see it?

So with that in mind I decided to use custom thumbnail for all my videos. Unfortunately, I couldn’t do it myself because software like Photoshop are super hard and tedious. There is such a huge learning curve that it didn’t make sense to invest all that time and money into it (do you know Photoshop costs $500 by the way).

My other option was to find a designer or a freelancer to do it for me, but the cost of it turned out to be insane. I got quotes from $5 to $260 for a simple thumbnail. This would be okay if I had to do one video, but I make videos daily, so it was impossible to outsource.

I couldn’t find any other way to do it and so I created a solution for myself and you.

After nearly months of research and development InstaThumbs was finally born.

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