I feel that small business owners should start to think more about advertising their business online. If we are not marketing our business eventually we stall run out of customers to look after.

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One way is to turn to online marketing. Especially right now in 2020 with the current COVID19 Pandemic happening and the lock downs seen all over the world it is more important than ever before.

What if we as business owners can use video more now than ever before to get our message out. Did you know that Video in 2020 is going to change? Well it is. More and more people are turning to video streaming platforms to reach their clients that ever before. My wife is turning up for her BNI meetings online through ZOOM calls. She even attends the Wilderness Society’s video call each week and right now is attending a 5 day video training course that normally would have been in a classroom environment. To take it further her fitness trainer does fitness classes on line through video ad records the sessions.

We already know experts, influencers and coaches are creating massive video content. Can we become like them?

Ever tried to do that?

Here’s the challenge the most entreprenuers face is remember what to say and then delivering that in a highly polished fashion in a professional way while keeping in all straight and clear in your mind.

It’s hard. Well, it used to be.

That’s changing with something amazing that was just released called Extempore.

Why is Extempore app different to other telepromptersThis is a powerful, easy to use mobile app that turns your smartphone into a teleprompter, and you can do front or rear facing videos and get your messaging right the first time.

It’s called Extempore and it literally turns your smartphone into a teleprompter.

The best part is when you use Extempore that you are 4 simple steps away from amazing videos.

  1. 1. Create a new story from the easy to use dashboard. “Story is a script”
  2. Click on my takes and press the record icon. Each take is a video.
  3. Configure your settings before you record. You can adjust the text size and scroll speed.
  4. Click, Record, Speak.

It’s really that simple.

You can create captivating, highly engaging videos in minutes and look like a pro when you do it.

Plus, the videos are super easy to share on social and has built in YouTube upload integration.

If you are creating any kind of video on your mobile device or you just want video creation to be easier – this is 100% a must have.

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There never been anything launch – you’ve got to check it out.

Watch the demo and let me know what you think


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