How Can A Teleprompter Smartphone App Help Business?

It is a well known fact to be an influence we need to consistently create new content. One of the best ways to create new content is through video creation. Video is fast becoming the best medium to engage with clients.

Here is a solution – A Teleprompter App!

Why is Extempore app different to other telepromptersIf you have local clients you know they need to use video to create content, get engagement, and make sales.

Getting them to actually do it – can be a challenge.

In the past, they needed to get a videographer, graphics person, get everything just perfect, record the videos, create thumbnails, wait to get them back and the list goes on.

Most of these business people are camera shy because they think its just to hard to talk in front of a rolling camera. But what if we were able to help shy people or for that matter any one to stand before their phones and record a video with stage fright!

What if they could speak effortlessly, with stammering and deliver a fluent talk on video and become that influencer they need to be in their business niche?

So, that’s what Extempore Video is the perfect app for helping local business or any business create a captivating, highly engaging video.

It turns your phone into a teleprompter.

This will let you shoot video, read the ‘script’ and look like a pro.

Extempore Video turns your phone into a teleprompter.

It only takes 4 simple steps.

  1. Create a new “story” from the easy to use dashboard.
  2. Click on my takes and press the record icon.
  3. Configure your settings before you record. (You can
    adjust the text size and scroll speed)
  4. Click, Record, Speak!

That’s it.

It’s really that simple. You can create captivating, highly engaging videos in minutes and look like a pro when you do it.

Plus, the videos are super easy to share on social and has built-in YouTube upload integration.

If you are creating any kind of video on your mobile device or you just want video creation to be easier – this is 100% a must have.

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There never been anything launch – you’ve got to check it out.

Watch the demo and let me know what you think


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