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I have some great news for you if you ever felt scared of standing in front of the camera and had to shoot a video for clients, give a coaching class or even a product demo. I feel scared not so much about stage fright as to forgetting my linesI have to say when the camera starts rolling.

Check Out The App!

Why You Can Trust the Extempore AppWell the good news is there is a new app called Extempore content version that just come out on the market. Its an App for your smartphone, be it Android or IOS. It works on both phones. Once you have the app you can turn your phone into a teleprompter to assist you with your speeches while you speak on canera. Isn’t that amazing. For just under $30 you can become a Pro speaker!

So What Is Extempore?

Extempore is an entirely new kind of a Video App which will allow you to create all types of Videos directly from your Smartphone without the need for any fancy equipment!

Either you like to be facing the camera and do the talking or show your surroundings and talk about it, you can do so just by loading your Script in the App and directly recording until you are satisfied with your take!

Watch a short video here that will explain more about it


Purchase Your Own Copy Of Extempore Here!


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