How To Get More Videos Views On YouTube Channel in 2020?

Here is a checklist what you should tick off when getting videos on YouTube to get more views ...

  • Create a video that has a great hook, story and a close or call to action
  • Next create an eye catching Thumbnail that can hook people into clicking the video when they are searching for information. Check InstaThumbs Out!
  • Create a good description that shares what the video is all about
  • Place your link to your website about 50 characters into the description so its seen when people click through
  • Make sure you have important links placed through the body of the description to help the viewer to get more information about what you are talking about.
  • Place Hashtags in the description. These hashtags will appear below the video so YouTube watchers can click through ad watch similar videos of yours. Examples are: #instathumbs #instathumbnails
  • Syndicate your video to other Social platforms.


get Instathumbs Software

Now the second point above (about thumbnails) is the most important from a viewer’s perceptive. Unless your video stands out from the others will someone click through and watch it. This is where a great eye catching thumbnail plays an important part to the SEO on a video. Make sure you create great thumbnails.

Why is it difficult to make thumbnails?

  • This can be very difficult for most people because it does take some expertise and software to make this happen.
  • If you have the money you can outsource the thumbnail creation to a graphic artist on Fiverr.com. However this can cost upwards of $8 a thumbnail. Most are around $25 a creation. Can you afford that. Especially if you have a few to do each month.
  • Thirdly it does take time to get these made as graphic artist can take 3 to 7 days to deliver your project of thumbnails.

The solution is Instathumbs! So what is Instathumbs?

Instathumbs is a cloud based software that comes with tons of templates that you can easily edit and then download to then place in your video on YouTube. The best news is it doesn’t break the bank. It just cost a low one off fee of $37 to get access. Want to know about INSTATHUMBS?

So why is Instathumbs the solution?

Well in the beginning of the post we mentioned that creating thumbnails can be …

  • time consuming
  • expensive especially if we have to create a few thumbnails a month
  • lastly it may take some expertise to create stunning eye catching thumbnails

So by using software by San Kumar called InstaThumbs you can make thumbnails literally in minutes.


How can Instathumbs help you or me?

Instathumbs is a cloud-based software that allows users to hop into their Instathumbs account and using pre-made templates in the members area you can in literally make thumbnails in minutes.

All you need to do is select the thumbnail from Instathumbsnails template collection, place it in the editor and add graphics, text or images that suit you and then save the edited thumbnail to your desktop to then upload to YouTube. Its so easy. It cost only $37 to get lifetime access to Thumbsnail creator INSTATHUMBS now.

PS: This is the launch price and you have from 15th April 2020 to April 22nd to avail of this one time low price below it rise to a monthly membership.

Want to know more about INSTATHUMBS? Click Here!



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