The Top Web Hosting Comparison in 2020!

In this post I shall cover a few topics to help you find the best comparisons in your due diligence process of finding the best web hosting companies to host your website domains on. I shall also briefly touch on WordPress themes as well.

What Is Web Hosting?

Webhosting simply put is the place where your website lives. It is where you will place all your files for your website at. When a person (a searcher on the net) places a search request either in the Google Search Bar or in the address bar where you type your URL in, that search then goes out into the net to find the best webpage that can give the searcher his or her solution fast. Having a website hosted with an internet company that provides fast loading speeds is very crucial for you getting visitors to your website everyday. Make sure you pick a good company that offers –

  • The right speed
  • Fast loading time
  • Little or no downtime in loading pages
  • Flexibility to grow your business on the platform
  • The right storage
  • The right band width
  • etc
  • One company that is worth checking out is WP Engine. Read up more on their website on how they can help give you solutions to have a stronger web presence.

    WP Engine Resources Page.

    WP Engine – Get 3 months free on annual plans

    5 Best Web Hosting Companies in 2020!

    There are many hosting providers on the internet. These companies have solutions to suit every business or individual that wishes to have an online presence on the net. The hosting plans they offers vary in price and will depend on what you want to achieve.

    Here are a few web hosting companies I have used that are worth checking out:

  • Hostgator
  • Godaddy
  • Namescheap
  • SiteGround
  • NetFirms

  • Is it okay To Get Web Hosting And Domain Registration From Same Internet Company?

    You will find that every internet hosting company will also provide domain registrations as well for businesses to register their company domains for websites.

    I prefer keeping my domains on one or two providers and pointing the domains to a hosting company that can offer me the best value for what I need to run my online businesses. I not only look at price but to agility, web site speed, tech support service, and low downtime of the site not being on the net. There are many other factors that also need to be addressed and you can read about what is important in hosting by clicking here.

    The reason I do this is because if something should happen to my web hosting company I can always change my NamesServers at the domain level and point the domains to another hosting provider with little or no downtime. This helps protect my business and gives me peace of mind that I am not at the mercy of the hosting company.

    An example is if I were to register a domain at GoDaddy.com and wish to point the domain to either SiteGround, NamesCheap or NetFirms I can do this in matter of minutes by just changing the DNS settings.

    Some resources about WordPress Themes!

    Here are three software companies that have some great themes for a WordPress blog. If you have a themed blog then its preferable to have a theme to suit the culture of your blog. Check the themes I have listed below …

    I do hope you found the page resourceful. If it has been useful do leave a short comment below.

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