INSTATHUMBS is a cloud based software that allows marketers to create stunning eye catching video thumbnails for their videos so that the marketing videos can get more views.

These thumbnails can also be used for your regular videos that you upload for your personal use.

Now do you want to triple your video views? or increase your traffic and sales, get your videos in Google search results? Check our FAQs on INSTATHUMBS by clicking here!

Have you ever uploaded a video before and got very few views? What makes a video successful?

The number one thing that makes a video successful on landing on Page 1 on Google and YouTube when it comes to video is your thumbnail. A good video thumbnail could be the difference between 100 views and 100,000 views. It could mean no traffic or an avalanche of visitors to your website.

The answer is creating good thumbnails. However its hard to create great looking thumbnails that are inexpensive, it can be super hard and boring too with a huge learning curve. Watch the complete video below to fully understand the power of this thumbnail creator for video.

Investing time and effort to learn may be hard for you right now. Maybe you want to get a designer but they cost money. Do you have a big budget to invest in thumbnails. This could cost you a lot of cash if you paid for every single thumbnail you need. Quotes for thumbnails can range from $5 to 260 dollars per thumbnail. It would be ok if you had to make just one video. But what if you had to make dozens of videos. It would not be affordable. So that may not be a good option too.

This brings us to INSTATHUMBS …
Here you get a cloud based software that is inexpensive, you pay a one time cost (provided you buy at the launch that starts on April 13th 2020). PS: prices may start to increase after the pre-launch period.

Watch the demo here to help you understand how easy it is to use INSTATHUMBS.It can be done in under a few minutes and you have lifetime access to this software if you purchase at launch.

Here are 3 simple steps to get more view on your video by using Instathumbs:

1. Select a template to suit your video niche
2. Upload TEXT, add images
3. Upload THUMBNAIL to YouTube video.

Watch the video now to get a good idea how INSTATHUMBS can help you with your video creation. I hope you benefited from my review on Instathumbs today.

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